jump start

  1. Looking at the subject or subjects.
  2. Looking at the backgrounds.
  3. look at many other pictures.
  4. Watch a scary movie before looking at my pictures.
  5. You have to be into sports.
  6. Look at black and white pictures.
  7. If you have friend gather up in a circle and conversate.
  8. Go and take a picture of yourself and make it a portrait.
  9. Turn off the lights in your room and play with a light.
  10. Look up Andrew Tate quotes on your phone and read them.
  11. Listen to Lil Baby’s – It’s Only Me album on repeat.
  12. Go outside with someone and take pictures each other.
  13. Pray every day in the morning.
  14. Go to the beach when the sun is about to set and just stare.
  15. Go on a walk when it sets.
  16. Take pictures of nature.
  17. Take a picture of two people interacting with each other and analyze it.
  18. “Shoot”, someone random.
  19. Film a TikTok video.
  20. Look up your dream car.


Any JPEG file’s size is the primary distinction between it and a RAW file. RAW picture file formats are much larger than JPEG (and other) image file formats. This is due to the fact that they are entirely uncompressed and contain all the original image data that was recorded by the sensors in your digital camera.

RAW versus JPEG, which file size is larger? Between two and six times as big as a JPEG file is a RAW file. RAW files are larger because they have a lot more image data in them. All of the information is essentially condensed into a JPEG image, which has a smaller file size and is simpler to transfer.

Aaron Siskind

i think what he does is very hard because he is simply just taking a picture of a old wall and making it took like art trying to take a picture of nothing and turning it into something is hard and confusing and takes a lot of creativity in your mind and i totally respect him for what he doses.


  1. lens:50mm focal length:50.00mm exposure:1/60 sec ISO 800 mode: Manuel

    Flood light is to fill in any shadows that are their main light is to get the/Whole light patter to glow it up

    nice skin wavy hair black dress nice dress bad tattoo light skin nice figure concerned hands position sitting down dark hair texture in hair dark background cool colors